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Minitool Pro Touch Starter Kit (GPPSKES1)

The Minitool Pro Touch Starter Kit has everything you need to set up a patrol monitoring system easily and efficiently.

This rechargeable durable reader incorporates a high brightness LED flashlight, a pedometer to measure guard activity, an impact detection system to discourage vandalism, an alarm clock function to remind staff to action patrols and is ideal for companies and organisations that require a system for proof of presence. Ensuring every job, employee and event is logged and accounted for as it should be.

The full starter kit includes:

1 Pro Touch reader (GPP5000ES)
1 Magnetic USB download cable
10 Touch Buttons
10 Touch Button Holders
1 Event book
GPP Patrol Management Software

With unlimited, software, it’s easy and comes at no extra charge to add more touch readers, event wallets or touch button checkpoints to the system if you need.

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