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Minitool Pro Starter Kit (GPPSKES)

GPPSKES Starter Kit 400x400

The Minitool Pro Starter Kit has everything you need to set up a patrol monitoring system easily and efficiently. This robust yet lightweight reader is ideal for companies and organisations that require a system for proof of presence, ensuring every task, operative and event is logged and accounted for as it should be.

The full starter kit includes: Minitool Pro reader, Magnetic USB download cable, 10 Touch Buttons, 10 Touch Button holders an event book and the GPP Patrol Management software. This standalone software is unlimited, so you can expand the system by adding extra Mintool Pro Readers, Event Wallets or Touch Button checkpoints without incurring any additional software costs.

MiniTool Pro Hardware

Minitool Pro Software

Key Features

Torch 400x400

Integrated high brightness LED flashlight for added convenience whilst patrolling at night.

Battery 400x400

Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. Once charged supports 500 card reads per day for up to 30 days

Alarm_Clock 400x400

Internal alarm clock function to prompt guards to perform patrols. Up to 200 pre-set alarms.

Connector 400x400

Innovative magnetic connector for improved reliability and high speed data transfer.

Impact 400x400

Impact detection system to alert management of equipment abuse and reduce maintenance costs

Pedometer 400x 400

Internal pedometer to confirm guard activity.

Waterproof 400x400

Robust design, waterproof, IP67 rated construction.